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28   /   08   /   2019

Design Direction

The approach taken in this design was to treat the museum more as home rather than a public space. The visitor of the building would transition between spaces in a traditional manner, reminiscent of a grand house that would have been inhabited in early 20th century Sharjah. 

Arrival and Transition

Diverting the visitor immediately from the surrounding environment, the visitor would pass through a gallery-like passage way in order to enter the premises. In this Transition the visitor would experience moments through windows where artwork could be displayed. The shaded passageway acts as a threshold between the outside world and the museum. 

Circulation and Spacing


The design of the building allows for transition from one space to another through a series of courtyards and passageways. This creates a free flow circulation in the building through diverse light changes and significant spaces. Looking on the upper floor plan, the rooms adjacent to the courtyard all lead into one another. once again commemorating the traditional home.

Once inside the premises there are no views to the outside world with exception to on alleyway which connects to the “AlTarfa” Neighbourhood. 


The lack of windows or evident doorways on the facade of the building creates an intimidating impression, yet invites the approachers to discover their way in. The series of self standing walls are set to direct the approacher into the “arrival passageway”. 

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